Jun 13, 2009

Are these mancat bowls?

Okay, I have a beef - why do humans make cat bowls decorated with cats, and then why do I have one? Princess Nutella doesn't seem to have any bowls decorated with humans, so why give me one with cats? I eat chicken, not cat, and it's not like I need help identifying which bowl is mine. I mean it's cute, but c'mon, I'm a mancat!!

Is this her attempt to make it up to me... really???

Oh, I realize I have flowers in my blog design, but that is a nod to Princess Nutella. She's a bit retro & a true Bohemian in both spirit and ancestry, and this template print reminded me of her. I'm not planning on allowing her to blog here (well, maybe in an emergency), but I like having a sense of her on my blog. Besides, I like flowers, and I do have a Harley Davidson collar, but I'm still waiting on the Harley though...

On another note, thank you so much fur all your welcomes to the cat blogosphere; I'm excited to be here & get to know more cats.

Time to nap,


Everycat said...

Hello King V. It's very nice to meet you. We just get plain stainless steel bowls, I wouldn't mind a bit of decoration - maybe bowls decorated with fish and mice would be good. A bowl filled with them would be better!

Whicky Wuudler

Robyn Harton said...

Hi Hudson! *waves paw* Long as yoo can get on Twitter and clik a link, yoo can lissen to my DJ moosic. To DJ we collects moosic and sends out links to where yoo can heer it on blip.fm or grooveshark.com so everycat can hear the same moosic. It's kinda neet. I'll be there 4 to 5pm eastern, but somecritter will be DJing all party long. So come when yoo can.
I's glad to reed yoo eat chicken, not cat. Beans are weird sumtimes. Ok, lotsa times. hehe

The Island Cats said...

We have bowls with cats on them too...we think it's so the humans will know what bowls to use for us cuz sometimes they aren't too bright...hahaha!

Welcome to the cat blogosphere! We're enjoying getting to know you!

Reese =^..^= said...

Hi,nice to meet you! I like my bowl decorated. I am a girl kitty though.

Mouchois said...

I think the second one is pretty awesome, actually.
Melvin has a Garfield bowl from when I was a little baby.

I just felt that it fits him the best.

And there's definitely nothing wrong with Bohemian. I've been told I'm that, too. Although I've never figured out what it meant. Haha

Katiez Furry Mewz said...

Dem dont look like mancat bowlz...
but den our food mat haz catz onit... like we dont know wher our foods iz. sheesh

Maxwell Tigger

♥Da fambly kitties♥ said...

Look at it this way, at least the bowls are blue and at least you get food in them. Those are good things☺

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