Jul 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Jun 30, 2009

I do not get it????

These are some of the items in the princess's shower...

Why does a human need so many things to take a shower & get clean? It must be so confusing to know which product to use. There are products in 3 corners of the tub, which only leaves one corner for me to play (not fair!). I can't even check out the view from the bathroom window, because the sill is completely lined with products (geez!!). There's even a basket outside the tub filled with lotions. Are all these things really necessary? I keep telling her to just use her tongue, but clearly, she ignores my advice.

Oh, I forgot some....

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Cats are clearly smarter than humans.

Jun 24, 2009


Hudson (I'm sorry, King Valrohna) wanted me to let you know he has been grounded from the computer this week for peeing on 2 bathroom rugs. I'm sure I did something wrong, but what, he has not shared with me.

He is enjoying meeting you, and he will be back next week to get to know more of you, and of course, whatever it is he plans to share with you.

The Mistress (oh, sorry, Princess Nutella)

Jun 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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Jun 13, 2009

Are these mancat bowls?

Okay, I have a beef - why do humans make cat bowls decorated with cats, and then why do I have one? Princess Nutella doesn't seem to have any bowls decorated with humans, so why give me one with cats? I eat chicken, not cat, and it's not like I need help identifying which bowl is mine. I mean it's cute, but c'mon, I'm a mancat!!

Is this her attempt to make it up to me... really???

Oh, I realize I have flowers in my blog design, but that is a nod to Princess Nutella. She's a bit retro & a true Bohemian in both spirit and ancestry, and this template print reminded me of her. I'm not planning on allowing her to blog here (well, maybe in an emergency), but I like having a sense of her on my blog. Besides, I like flowers, and I do have a Harley Davidson collar, but I'm still waiting on the Harley though...

On another note, thank you so much fur all your welcomes to the cat blogosphere; I'm excited to be here & get to know more cats.

Time to nap,

Jun 7, 2009


For my blog, I have decided to give myself an alter-ego. Hudson, my true name, is a nice name with historical & geographic significance, but my research shows that bloggers do not use their true names. Actually, my mistress named me after her beloved piano teacher (Mrs. Hutson), but foresaw herself always correcting the spelling; thus, I am Hudson. Anyways, I'm thinking something chocolate-related for 2 reasons: (1) the ubiquitous presence of chocolate in the apartment & (2) the color of my fur. Most humans think I am a black cat (though not my mistress), but if you looked at my fur in the sunlight, you would see that I am bittersweet in color. I could go with Bittersweet, but it just doesn't seem very manly.
Hmmmmmmmm....... I'm going with
KING VALROHNA for me. Oooh, I guess I should give my mistress a name, too - oh, that's easy - PRINCESS NUTELLA.

Time to nap

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